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Pocket Music

If you turned out your pockets and let all the junk tumble down into a little puddle on the floor what would it look like? Some stuff you saved? Some stuff you ended up with by accident? Maybe something someone gave you? Probably some garbage. We went through our pockets and found a kazoo, some old-timey music and a couple vague memories of weird bugs. Intimately loud, squirming with life, and a little chaotic, pocket music offers a moment of thanks to all the odd bits we find lying around. 

As part of Springfest at UC San Diego, Pocket Music is a 3-part whimsically theatric piece that combines live film scoring, wacky arrangements of old folk tunes, and yes even playing with toys. Composed by Joseph Bourdeau and Lauren Jones, and performed by Joseph, Lauren, and Mari Kawamura, it will take place in the UCSD University Art Gallery at 7 pm.

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Lauren Jones, Graduate Recital

Graduate recital at UC San Diego 

Experimental Theater

7 pm


This performance is in fulfillment of Lauren's graduate degree in Vocal Performance at UCSD. The program will include works by Luciano Berio, Kaija Saariaho, Erik Satie, Igor Stravinsky, and Daniel Tacke. Also performing with Lauren will be percussionist Sean Dowgray and computer musician Stella Koi.

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